curly hair questions & answers

Please take a second to see our before and after pictures of curly haircuts and learn how to care for your curly hair. Please see our complete selection of Devachan products that make curly hair beautiful and manageable.

Q) Does weather play a role in why my hair gets frizzy.

A) Yes, in the winter months and when the humidity factor is low, hair wont be so frizzy.

Q) Is their  something that I could use to keep my curls looking good overnight,  after sleep that is.

A) Great question, I have come up with a great solution for that.  Go to a good linen store and purchase REAL  satin pillow cases, they work great.

Q) Is there a special product I should be using to help me with my curly hair?

A) Yes,  after trial and error, I have found that Devachan products work the very best.  To take it further, I suggest that buying the bible of curly hair: The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey cofounder of Deva Curl system.

Q) What can I do to refresh my hair without washing it.

A) You can refresh your hair and scalp by just spraying it with lavender water spray.  Devachan has a great product called (mister-right)    just spray some on, and scrunch while you spray.

Q) Over all what is the real secret to making  my curls look great.

A) Not to be repetitive but MOISTURE  is key to all of it. As a stylist trained by Devaschan salon (curly hair experts) education is the only way. Proof of this is to contact Salon Capelli, and book  a curly hair consultation.

Q Why does my hair always look frizzy?

A) This question could have many answers. When you are about to style curly hair, you must first make sure that the hair begins from a very wet state.

Q) How do I define my Curls?

A) You define your curls by being sure of what kind of curls you have. WAVY…BOTTICELLI….OR CORKSCREW. It has been my experience after trial and error, that cleansing is KEY.

Q) How do I cleanse my curls?

A) Using a lather free sulfate free product like Deva Curl No Poo cleanser is the way to go.

Q) Should I be straightening my Hair?

A) Straightening ones hair is a personal preference. Having the ability to do both is great.

Q) Is cutting curly hair the same as cutting straight hair?

A) Cutting curly hair is NOT  the same as cutting straight hair. You have to allow for the finished product. If finished product is going to be smooth then one usually cuts the hair WET. If the finished product is going to be curly, then you need to proceed differently. e.g.  dry cutting

Their are so many different kinds of curly hair out there.  Its thick its thin, it coarse its fine its short it medium its long etc……Only one way to find your way to curly happiness..Salon Capelli! Call today for a free consultation: 610 667 1400