curly haircuts before & after

” When my salon discovered the Devachan system 9 years ago,  it was quite the revelation. After having taken extensive courses at the Devachan Institute in Manhattan N.Y. , I then sent a few of my staff.  I have never used a product that was so specially formulated for not just curly hair, but any kind of hair that needs moisture.

Do not be fooled by imitators, Ouidad is one of these, that is in my opinion a far cry from what Devachan and DevaCurl products are. There is nothing that can touch or come close to what this product line can do.”

curly haircuts before & after: Devachan

This is Sandy, she came in with completely dried out and very frizzy hair.  We gave her curly hair a healthy dry-cut, and followed up with DevaCurl products. I showed her how to restore her moisture loss, and keep her curls loose and separate.

great curly haircuts at salon capelli, bala cynwyd

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